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Seed Pockets

Seed pockets no matter how beautiful the visual is, your customers will always prefer your products.


Therefore, quality photos and descriptions  your customers with your products  We can make them choose. We have all kinds of seed pack production and  Each of our Seed packages is tailored to your company's needs.  contains a separate feature.

Because the seeds need to be protected from light and air, most of our seed packets are completely light.  and it is waterproof.

Always your seeds  for  We use the most suitable material in the packages we produce. This topic is for us.  It is careful and delicate work.

For example, if you have large sharp seeds, make sure the package is strong to prevent tearing. In this area  we have dozens of experiences so you can count on us for the perfect seed packs!

Tohum paketi, Tohum ambalajı

Seed Pockets For Your Brand

Horticulture  for many companies, including those in the  it's about gaining their respect and loyalty, creating familiarity with the right image and media selection.  


With herb seed packs, you can start developing the right recognition for your brand one at a time.

Here at AY ETIKET PACKAGING  experts are always available to help you find the design that works best for your industry.  What's more, with our simple ordering system, you can have your seed packets delivered to your door quickly and efficiently.

Nova Photo Graphik, of which we are the Turkey Licensor,  custom image library  a wide variety of high-print-quality photos to choose from  we offer. Apart from that, as AY ETIKET AMBALAJ, we can take pictures of your products in our special photography studio, we are an expert company in this field and we know what you need.


Browse our worldwide library today or  if you need a little more help growing your business  connect with us  set it up.

Tohum paketi, tohum ambalajı
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