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Garden Cards

This is what we call garden cards  With our solution, we offer you the right care of the plant at the point of sale with the most economical methods in high photographic and print quality. Your customers in the garden center   or your florist  to help them choose their plants and flowers  It is the most flexible, economical and fastest formula.  .

Garden Cards professional print quality, high-quality photos,  together with other data  expandable structure  thanks to  We can print botanical data and information culture of each plant and even a QR code.


Horticulture  design  As a specialist company operating in the world, we know how difficult it can be for modern companies to sell their products in today's market.  

of your competitors  If you want to prevent your customers  You need the right resources to share your inspiring visual values with the world.

As AY Label Packaging  ,  your needs  We listen carefully and  countless incredible images selected for quality  and with visual impact  We are proud to serve our customers.

Bahçe kartları

Labels and prints resistant to all weather conditions

With Garden Cards  what you can do:

  •   Grab your customers' attention

  •   Provide accurate information about the care of plants

  •   Promote the sale of plants

  •   your company  improve your image

  •   Label all kinds of products (not just plants)

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