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About the general information of your products regarding your plant, flower, fruit sapling, sapling, tree or seed production that your company has produced or sold,  to your customers  Catalogs and other printed documents remain important even in this digital age if you want them to be a point of reference and a source of information you can offer.


Corporate identity and visual impact  The ability to review anywhere and anytime has a significant impact on customers.


catalogs,  Business cards, order forms, company brochures  There is always a need for corporate products such as stationery and general stationery.  has.  Showing your brand on them also has a great impact.  

Marketing for the Horticultural Industry


AY LABEL PACKAGING  Get more customers.

The right visual identity is one way to help your company stand out in today's crowded market.  With the right images, you can stimulate loyalty in your customers, show authority for your brand, and increase awareness of your brand at the same time.

Here at AY ETIKET PACKAGING  , Gardening  How we can help companies in the industry grow  we know.  In fact, our experts give your organization the support they need to drive bigger profits and happier customers.  they are dedicated.

Promote company recognition and more sales, regardless of your botanical brand  if he wants  , AY LABEL PACKAGING  is here to help you reach your goals. 

Our extensive experience in the industry means that we are our local marketing team to provide specialized services exclusively for the horticultural industry.

We can help you choose the right images to enhance your brand, choose products that can enhance your business, and develop your goals as a successful company.  

Moreover, here at AY Etiket Ambalaj, we are proud to be the exclusive licensee of Nova Photo Graphik in Turkey - giving us a unique library of beautiful images in Turkey, which is unique in the world.  It is the only company that allows us to offer

  Design  For more information about the possibilities  contact us today.

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