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Plant photos archive - Nova Image Library

As Nova Photo Graphik Turkey Representative and licensed partner, we have over 260.000 digital picture-image libraries for the horticulture industry.  Nova Photo Graphics  As a license holder, our horticultural image library contains more than 260.000 digital images of plants, flowers, vegetables, gardens, parks, landscapes.

  • in the horticulture industry  best quality guarantee with experience in photography and image processing techniques

  • Archive updated with new photos every year

  • Dedicated customer service – bespoke photo shoots and  Access to the best images for your own green market.

AY ETİKET AMBALAJ Özel Bitki Görüntü Arşivi

AY ETİKET AMBALAJ Özel Bitki Görüntü Arşivi

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Professional Photography Services and Superior Print Quality

Guaranteeing the highest quality images and prints from professional photographers for plant labels, Packages, Seed packs, catalogues, posters, pot wrappers, plant carriers and boxes, packaging and much more.  easily with the designs we produce.  It will make a big impact on the sales of your products.

Moreover, here as AY Etiket Ambalaj , we are proud to be the exclusive licensee of Nova Photo Graphik since 2013 - giving us a unique library of beautiful images in Turkey, in the world class.  It is the only company that allows us to offer

For more information about the possibilities of our services  Visit our Image Database.

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