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Tree & Shrubs Hanging Tags

In our eighth year in the Turkish Horticulture sector, we broke new ground in October 2016 to meet the needs of the sector and our customers.  satisfaction with our work  After a long-term infrastructure work in line with  We have started the production of ready-made plant labels with high printing, design and high photographic quality.  


To begin with, we started selling 130 kinds of Fruit tree hanging tags and 3 Tree & Shrubs hanging tags from stock. In line with the new demands from our customers, we plan to enrich our variety and Label types.  

Within this system, we offer you a unique service where you can order a minimum of 100 pieces per variety and its multiples. Increasing your sales, making an impact on your corporate identity  and contact us today to delight your customers!


Meyve fidan etiketi
Meyve fidan etiketi
Meyve fidan etiketi
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