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Year 1992:
We started our business life with woven label production and many other textile label marketing .

1998 We are proud and happy to have brought many new and different labels for the textile and apparel industries to our country by establishing AY Etiket Ambalaj in 2017. As a company, we have always made production for the world's leading brands by giving importance to quality, service and innovation, and we continue to do so. Our company has always attached great importance to R&D studies in its products.

Year 2009:
We are also happy to introduce the seedling producers, indoor and outdoor potted ornamental plant producers and retailers with the world expert FLORALABELS and BRANDSOFT system, where they can design and print their own labels, by breaking new ground in 2009 in our innovative line.

Year 2011:

We continue our Innovative line in 2011 and the worldwide brand Bedford Industries Inc. We are happy to have brought its products to the Turkish packaging and packaging industries.

Year 2012:
In 2012, we became the sole authorized representative and distributor in Turkey of Erich Baumeister GmbH, which specializes in Elastic Thread Binder, Elastic Band Bundling Packaging Machines, which can appeal to the horticultural sector, the green vegetable sector and many other sectors.

Year 2013:

As AY Etiket Ambalaj, our process of renewing ourselves continues. In order to provide higher quality service to our customers, whom we have served in the horticultural sector, with the research we have done, we have received the sole authorized representative and distributorship of Nova Photo Graphik company in Turkey.

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