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Labeling is now easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Unique and durable  floralabels  labels offer the user the opportunity to print high quality colored labels with pictures, barcodes, price and identification information and logo in the desired quantity when needed. 

Very easy to use for you  brandsoft  its software,  OK  color laser printer and full range  floralabels  We offer a complete package of sign and mark. It is a system installed by more than 10,000 users around the world.

Financial Advantages:

This new solution offers a greater financial advantage than any other label and branding solution. It is possible to print approximately 5,000 to 10,000 pages with only 10% color coverage. This equals 50,000 to 100,000 labels before toner replacement. Cost per tag; it is typically around EUR 0.01 for a 19 mm label, although this may vary depending on the size and color of the label. (Calculated by OKI Corporation.) The set price of the Brandsoft Label Program is very attractive.

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Advantages You Won't Find in Other Labeling Systems

  • Unlimited flexibility for preparing your urgent label needs and promotions

  • Possibility of professional image and branding by using your company logo on your labels

  • Product label design for your different customers and the opportunity to grow your business

  • Labels with unmatched durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions

  • Save time and money

  • A tested and reliable system with over 2000 users

With Floralabels and Brandsoft, There Is No Place For These In Your Life From Now On

  • Repeated label printing and wasted business hours

  • Extra labeling for each transaction; correct image, barcode or price

  • Label waste

  • Labels that are incompatible with the product variant

  • Standard labels that cannot meet customer needs and cannot be adjusted

  • Tie capital to label stocks

floralabels etiketler

from time  and Save Money!

Produce your own label when you need it. In this way, you will not face the hassle of purchasing pre-printed labels. In this way, you will end up not being able to label your product as you wish and having labels that are out of use at the end of the season.

Revolutionary Labels

Floralabels ' revolutionary patented label and sign materials allow the user to print labels of unmatched quality. The finished material is a material that meets all the new requirements of a color laser printer.  


Printed labels are durable; It is resistant to frost, sunlight, high humidity, wear and tear. In short, labels can maintain their high quality colors in all conditions.  The presence of tear holes on the label to easily separate the surfaces from each other also does not allow time loss, additional effort or even hand injuries to separate the parts. You can use the printed labels as soon as they come out of the printer, without the hassle of any finishing touches or finishing.

With the Floralabels system, you can present your plants with professional and appropriate quality images. Whether you are a retailer or a producer, professionally labeled descriptions will encourage your customers to buy while creating customer satisfaction.

OKI Color Laser Technology

With this unprecedented print quality and capacity, the print speed has been greatly increased compared to other technologies, the Brandsoft Label Program is a standard OKI  It offers the opportunity to print labels in beautiful colors up to 150 pieces per minute in a color laser printer. Print speed can also be further increased with a larger scale printer. 

Compared to a traditional heat sensitive label-only printer, a color laser printer is a more meaningful investment. because you can easily use laser printers for your other printing needs in your business. 

Easy to Learn and Use System

Designed especially for professionals working in the nursery field, the system offers an unmatched ease of use. The visual and usage explanations on the system also reset the training expenses that need to be acquired regarding this issue. Even without previous computer knowledge, the user will realize what the system can do in a few minutes, not a few hours, and will be able to make the system work.

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