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Fruit Tree Hanging Tags

World class  Our ready-made plant labels with high printing, design and high photographic quality can change the printing colors.  long time 1 year and above without withering  recyclable raw material that is resistant to all climatic conditions and does not harm nature  production is made using


130 as a start  We started the sale of a variety of Fruit Tree Hanging Tags and 3 ornamental plant labels from stock. In line with the new demands from our customers, we plan to enrich our variety and Label types.  

Within this system, we offer you a unique service where you can order a minimum of 100 pieces per variety and its multiples, ready from stock. Increasing your sales, making an impact on your corporate identity  and contact us today to delight your customers!

LABEL DIMENSIONS: 8cmX11,5cm and 7,5cmX11cm

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