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Floramedya photography studio


Floramedya Botanic photography studio was established within our company in 2018 for the horticulture sector. With this studio with our company  It is among our basic principles to provide the best service to our working customers and to prepare our customers for new trends as a professional company in the sector. Our company started to work in the Horticulture sector in 2008, and we focused on being a brand in this sector, which is new for us, with our experiences from other sectors, both at home and abroad.

All processes from Photography to Design and Printing are managed by our professional team specialized in this field.

Guaranteeing the highest quality images and prints from professional photographers for plant labels, Packages, Seed packs, catalogues, posters, pot wrappers, plant carriers and boxes, packaging and much more.  easily with the designs we produce.  It will make a big impact on the sales of your products.

For more information about the possibilities of our services  Call us on +90 212 674 8345

Floramedya stüdyo

Floramedya stüdyo

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