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How do you make your products more attractive to your customers? You should use labels that are remarkable and produced with high print quality photographs.


Show the type of product and what it represents with our labels for your brands and products. Correct photo tags  It gives a quality look and sells your product to the customer.  makes it a little easier. Labeled products represent a trust for the customer and make you stand out from your competitors and similar products.

As AY Etiket Ambalaj , we ensure that you get the most beautiful designs that reflect your brand and products. There is knowledge, experience and excitement behind our designs.  


We are a specialist company in the horticulture industry and we develop labels for your needs. We know what it takes to convince your customers to buy your products.

We have a Design team that knows what you want and knows what is doable. Together, we achieve the perfect result;  We produce eye-catching labels that convince your customers to buy.


For starters, we have an extensive database with beautiful illustrations and up-to-date botanical product information. We make your choices easy for you!


We always use the latest graphic design and printing technology to create whatever you have in mind.  Our options are endless. your own brand  Do you want a label designed for No problem. Our designers see it as an extra motivation to create something truly unique just for you. After the design is completed, we also guarantee first-class production quality.

Tags can take many forms:

Hang tags, Wrap-around labels, Pot or viola  snap-on labels, viol carrying handles. There are thousands of different shapes and varieties in total, so there is no limit on earth!


All of our plant labels are produced to be resistant to weather conditions and wear. Choose the size and shape that suits you from our design catalog and start your design work. Apart from the ready-made design shapes, we can create a unique design according to your wishes and taste. Our hanging tags will be easily attached to your products with the help of elastic string.  we can.  

Moreover, here at AY Etiket Ambalaj, we are proud to be the exclusive licensee of Nova Photo Graphik - giving us a unique library of beautiful images in Turkey, in the world class.  It is the only company that allows us to offer

For more information on the possibilities of label design  contact us today.



  1. Geleneksel barkodlara kıyasla genişletilmiş veri depolama

  2. Tarama sırasında doğrudan görüş hattı gerekli değildir

  3. Manuel işlemler ortadan kaldırılır ve hata payı önemli ölçüde azalır

  4. Gerçek zamanlı envanter

  5. Tüm tedarik zincirinin optimizasyonu

  6. Yanlış yerleştirilmiş malların takibi

  7. Çevrimiçi ve mağaza içi optimize edilmiş entegrasyon

  8. Müşteri aramalarını önemli ölçüde azaltır. Zamandan ve paradan tasarruf sağlar ve müşteri memnuniyetini artırır

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