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Brandsoft Label Program offers the user the opportunity to complete their label in a single presentation. The label can contain all the necessary information. With this system, the user is able to produce unique labels with prices, barcodes, inscriptions and logos, specially adjusted for the customer. brandsoft  Label Program is a simple and time-saving solution for professional label and brand creation.

Produce your own label when you need it. This way, you don't have to worry about purchasing pre-printed labels, which can often mean tied-up capital, restricted mobility in use, and increased, out-of-season labels at the end of the season.

All labels and signs in the Floralabels product chain are mentioned. Produced by color laser printing, Floralabels' cutting-edge labels are the most comprehensive product range currently on the market.

The version developed with the cooperation of nursery growers in many countries of the world is also very user-friendly.

The system is equipped with Microsoft's most used SQL database program.


Ability to Connect with Other Systems

Brandsoft Label Program is a self-contained system that works independently from all other systems. The system, which is not limited to this feature, can provide your product information on your own computer with an additional module to be purchased,  Rewrite to Brandsoft Program  It also offers the possibility of sending without the need for Like this; without using an additional workforce  can use the system immediately.

Image Upload

Brandsoft Label Program can use both standard JPG images taken with a digital machine and scanned. The user can obtain multiple pictures, for example, of multiple plants in close-up or in their natural environment.

This screen will appear when the Brandsoft Label 5 program starts.

Brandsoft etiket programı

Search function: In the example below, the term “a” is searched for “ç”. You can scroll through the list by pressing the >ENTERTAB< key. The search process works like a standard search engine (example: Google): “a'' ''ç'' and  The combination of words must be in the Latin name or common name of the product. Below you can see the list of results:

Brandsoft etiket programı

This section allows us to enter all information about the product and make adjustments as we want. It allows us to enter new product or change the previously entered information or enter new information. It is very easy to use.

Brandsoft etiket programı

In the image below you can see a sample print job list (the selected print job in the red area).
The easiest way to determine the number of labels is to click the box on the left and write the desired number in it. Then you can proceed to the next printing process by pressing the Down Arrow key.

Brandsoft etiket programı

Labels before printing  It allows you to edit and make any changes in the ''Designer'' section.

Brandsoft etiket programı

The program is used in nurseries and plant sales centers in thirty countries around the world.  This makes the program the most detailed branched system in its field. The main purpose in the development of the new version; The fact that nurseries have a modern, international labeling system is to meet many demands that may arise in this direction and at the same time, while the system does this, it offers the user the advantage of versatile, easy and stable daily use.

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