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  We recommend that you always use genuine OKI consumables for OKI Laser printers. As a result of the experience we have gained from our customers since 2009, it has been observed that the printers have been damaged as a result of the use of non-original OKI toners and they waste the labels they have used unnecessarily. We would like to point out that you will experience premature fading and print permeability in prints made with non-original consumables.

with OKI Turkey  As AY Etiket Ambalaj, we have been working as a solution partner in the Gardening sector in Turkey since 2009.  Our company  We sell Floralabels labeling system to all Turkey and neighboring countries, we do not have a dealer.  

We strongly recommend that you make the following settings for your OKI A4 laser printer. Adjust the settings described here so you can print Floralabels labels correctly.  When you reinstall the OKI printer driver on your computer, or when you install the OKI printer drivers on your computer systems.  We recommend that you apply it as described in order to prevent printing errors that may occur in the event of an update.

 To create :

  •   Dimension  : A4

  •   Source : Multi-Purpose Cassette

  •   Weight  : User Type 2 ( User Type 1)

  •   Paper Feeding Options: Uncheck all the boxes and click OK.  Click.

Job options - Advanced : Check the box Always create 100% black(K) toner and click OK.   Click. 

Floralabels etiket yazdırma ayarı
Floralabels etiket yazdırma ayarı
Floralabels etiket yazdırma ayarı
Floralabels etiket yazdırma ayarı
Floralabels etiket yazdırma ayarı

***We recommend that you save the settings you have made by giving a file name from the Driver Settings section and use them for your convenience while printing our Floralabels labels.


Floralabels etiket yazdırma ayarı

***Multiple users will use Brandsoft Label program for printing purposes in the enterprise.  On the other hand, each user must install the OKI printer driver on their computer as described above and make the settings described above. The OKI printer driver must not be used in a public network. If you use it in a public network, there will be print setup problems and errors in multi-user businesses. Therefore, the use of public network  we do not allow

***In case there is a need to reinstall the OKI laser printer driver you have purchased, you should find the correct driver according to your computer's operating system and install the PCL driver.  

To download OKI Laser printer drivers:  You can download it under Drivers and Utilities from the Support menu on


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