We are a young, innovative company 100% dedicated to exceeding the needs of our customers in the horticultural industry worldwide. Our main offer is based on the Floralabels labels and signs that give our customers maximum flexibility and a professional image in combination with the Brandsoft label software and OKI colour laser printers.

We have already more than 10.000 installations across Europe using our Floralabels labels and signs.

Individualized Colour Labels and Signs

The making of a label is now easier and more time-saving than ever before. With our unique solution, you can produce high quality colour labels with picture, bar code, price, description and company logos in one and the same label.

We offer you a complete package consisting of the extremely easy-to-use Brandsoft software, an effective OKI colour laser printer and the full range of Floralabels signs and labels.


With hardly any investment you can immediately get amazing benefits:

  • Unlimited  Flexibility
    Create your own design or meet the requirements of your customers.You can in no time make the labels and signs you need for last minute changes. For your promotions, your rush orders, your re-makes, etc

  • A professional Image
    Enhance your brand. Stand out from the crowd. Our revolutionary and patented label material meets all the latest requirements of colour laser printing.

  • Durability and Resistance
    Make sure your labels keep their high quality image. Our labels are resistant to frost, sun light, humidity, wear and tear. The surface is pleasant with an easy tearing off feature.

  • Amazing Simplicity
    The Brandsoft label program is designed for nurseries with unprecedented user-friendliness. The visual and self-explanatory structure makes it only a matter of minutes before you can use it.

  • Savings in Time and Money
    You can print exactly the number of labels and signs you need, when you need them. No out-dated labels to throw away, hardly any stock, no extra cost for rush orders in small quantities, only 1 label per plant, etc. And you can use the colour laser printer for all other printing jobs such as letters, memos, etc.

  • Without Risk already more than 10.000 systems installed across Europe.

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