Brandsoft Label Program,Do not settle for a compromise solution. Do you want your plants to be overloaded with different labels rendering a confusing and unfavourable impression?
The Brandsoft Label Program enables you to finish your label in one run. The label contains all necessary information. With this system, you can produce a unique labelling, individually adjusted to your customers with price, bar codes, texts and logos. The Brandsoft Label Program is a simple and time-saving solution to producing professional labels and signs in full color.
Produce your own labels when needed and avoid buying pre-printed labels which often entail tied-up capital, inflexibility and discarding of unused labels after the season.
Brandsoft Label Program enables a standard laser colour printer to print up to 150 beautiful colour labels per minute operates with standard JPG pictures which can either be taken with a simple digital camera or scanned. You can have more pictures of each plant, e.g. close-ups and habitat pictures.
This system designed for nurseries possesses a so far unprecedented high degree of user-friendliness. The visual and self-explanatory structure of the system zeros the education costs. Even without any prior computer knowledge, it is only a question of minutes and not hours before you yourself are able to operate the system and explore its possibilities.
Now sold in more than 15 countries worldwide, which makes it the leading label system in the nursery industry